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Cryptocurrency Miners

DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner
-85 %
Model: DragonMint B52 Blake2b Miner
Blake2b miner suitable for Siacoin or other Blake2b POW. 3.83TH/s at 1380W -/+8%..
$6,500.00 $999.00
DragonMint T1 Miner DragonMint T1 Miner
-65 %
Model: DragonMint T1 Miner
The DragonMint T1 is the worlds most efficient Bitcoin miner, operating at 16TH with AsicBoost technology inside for greater power efficiency. At the wall power consumption of with DragonMint 1600W PSU and dual fans 1480W @ 240V at ambient temperature 25°C. Variation of ±8% is expected. P..
$1,999.00 $699.00
-81 %
Model: E10.1 EBIT MINER
Ebit Miner E10.1 adopts the latest independent developed 10nm chip, ideal hash rate can be 18TH/S,  It has low power, high hash rate advantage, and using the independent heat sink, with excellent heat dissipation. Heat sink using the latest bonding technology, shell mater..
$8,000.00 $1,499.00
Model: EBIT E11+ 37TH/S with PSU(shipping on March 31, 2019
Ideal Hash rate          37 Th/s..
EBIT E11++ 44TH/S with PSU(shipping on March 31, 2019)
New -1 %
Model: EBIT E11++ 44TH/S with PSU(shipping on March 31, 2019)
Ideal Hash Rate    44 Th/s (5%-10% +-)..
$2,024.00 $1,999.00
Model: Ebit E9+ 9T
Ideal Hash rate              9 Th/s..
EBIT E9.2 12T
New -7 %
Model: EBIT E9.2 12T
Ideal hash rate             12 Th/sPower Consumption  110W/Th..
$750.00 $699.00
EBIT E9.3 16TH/S
New -5 %
Model: EBIT E9.3 16TH/S
Ideal Hashrate    16Th/sConsumption       110 W/TH..
$950.00 $899.00
EBIT E9i 13.5TH/S
New -6 %
Model: EBIT E9i 13.5TH/S
Ideal Hash Rate      13.5 Th/sConsumtion             65W/TH..
$745.00 $699.00
Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster
-13 %
Brand: Innosilicon Model: Innosilicon A4+ LTCMaster
Surpassing its predecessor by a big margin, A4+ reaches a spectacular 620Mh/s (+/- 8%), with 750W (+/- 8% @25℃) at the wall, offer its customers best mining competitive advantage, significantly lower operating cost, higher ROI and longevity. It has a small form factor, low noise, better quality and ..
$1,500.00 $1,299.00
Brand: Innosilicon Model: INNOSILICON A5 DashMaster
INNOSILICON, the world’s leading supplier of advanced mining ASIC, proudly presents its next generation X11 miner, A5 DashMaster, at 32.5GH performance in 750W low power mode (factory default). It is so advanced, so far ahead in the field that it possesses >3.2x mining efficiency and up t..
$990.00 $899.00
-21 %
Brand: Innosilicon Model: INNOSILICON A5+ DashMaster
As the world's leading supplier of advanced mining ASIC, Innosilicon proudly launches its new generation X11 miner -- A5+ DashMaster. As everyone knows, Innosilicon A5 DashMaster is the world best X11 miner in 2017. Compared with A5 DashMaster, the new generation A5+ DashMaster has a series ..
$1,780.00 $1,399.00
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