About Us

GSHEN USA STORE is a project of GSHEN USA, Inc to serve the customers across the globe with all sorts of professional laptops, gaming laptops, new and refurbished graphic cards & mining equipment in bulk with great price tags. You can find everything related to cryptocurrency mining and gaming on our e-shop. If there is'nt something available here please e-mail support and we will make sure the product is available for bulk purchasing. Shop with peace of mind that your money is in safe hands with integrated bitcoin payments and several alt-coin payments.
The company’s success is largely built upon its commitment and Vision of the president TAE KIM to maintain close business partnerships with suppliers and customers, coupled with the strength of its commercial and technical competencies through all stages of the design-production cycle. All Products sold on Gshenusa which are refurbished are thoroughly tested and guaranteed to work as expected, and to meet expectations. Some GPUs' heatsinks, fans, or shrouds, may have light cosmetic damage such as light scratches. Gshenusa stock varies daily. Generally speaking, customers will know about new stock as soon as it is listed on Gshenusa.com. To get the latest stock updates, please follow Gshenusa at

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gshenusa

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Our Prices

Gshenusa offers deeply discounted products from the refurbishing arms of their respective manufacturers. The plain packaging further reduces costs associated with retail distribution. All prices are in USD.